Rausch Creek Off-Road Park Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

About Us

Rausch Creek Off-Road Park opened in the spring of 2003. Located within minutes of Interstate 81 at the Tower City/Tremont exit (#107), Rausch Creek Off Road Park has 3,000 acres at its disposal for the off-road enthusiast. The land was used previously by the coal companies that established most of the infrastructure in Schuylkill County, PA. The Central Pennsylvania region is the heart of the state’s coal region and is rich with history.


The landscape of the park’s acreage varies greatly. The majority of the area is lined with trees, providing substantial shade during the hot summer months and adding driving challenges year round as the trails wind though the forest. The park is divided into four parts, based on the topography of the area (East, West, South, and Northeast). A key feature of the West property is a large glacial deposit, called “Rock Creek”. The deposit begins within a few feet of a main access road and extends over 1,800 feet. At its widest point, the deposit is over 150 feet wide. The boulders that litter the area are large, and packed close enough together that only a handful of trees have proven sturdy enough to survive in the area. The deposit has been providing entertainment for the larger vehicles that venture into the park and has proven to be a challenge to the best drivers and spotters.


A lot of planning has gone into, and continues to go into, the development of the trails in the Off Road Park. Trails are being built with the Off Road Club in mind. Many of the “club” trails have a lower rating, but have multiple “hard” obstacles as a challenging option. It is not uncommon to see competition rock crawlers on the same trail as a stock vehicle with both drivers attaining the same level of “pucker factor”, without destroying their vehicles completely.


We strive to make improvements each year. In 2007 we developed a new, larger parking/staging area. In 2008-09 we became the only East Coast location for a competition area consisting of both natural and manmade spraycrete obstacles that is open not only to national and our own local series (Rausch Creek Rock Crawl Series (RCrocs), but the concrete area is also open to our wheeling membership. In 2010 we built a 40×60 pavilion which offers year-round shelter for large group gatherings and events.


Rausch Creek is devoted to providing the ultimate in off-pavement 4wd adventures. We have a man-made concrete competition area behind our office that is used for pro level comps such as We-Rock and local club events such as the RCrocs Club Comp.


In addition to the wheeling adventures, we have a number of camping sites where groups can plan for longer stays in the park. Camping is primitive and included in the daily admission charges. Please contact info@rc4x4.org for a camping reservation.


There is a yearly membership fee of $20. This membership fee applies to everyone age 16 and up, whether you are a driver or a passenger. This is a seasonal membership running through 12/31. Once you are a member, the price to wheel at the park is $50 per day, per vehicle, and $10 per day for passengers age 16 and up. Children 15 and under are free but will need a signed parental waiver. Those joining in Nov/Dec will receive a membership through 12/31 of the following year.


The park officers are Bruce Shallis and Lynn Ehrenfeld. Bruce has been involved in this sport for over 20 years and has many years of experience with Jeep Jamboree and Camp Jeep events and is involved with professional competitive rockcrawling. Bruce is certified with the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers’ Association. Lynn has more than 15 years experience with 4×4 clubs, trail building, and guiding rides, and is the park’s on-site manager.