Rausch Creek Off-Road Park Rausch Creek Off-Road Park


  • Where are you located?

    We are located between Tremont and Tower City, just off Pennsylvania Interstate 81, Exit 107. Take Exit 107, bear right onto 209 South, follow that into Joliett. Turn left at Joliett Street, then make an immediate left onto Molleystown Road. Go about half a mile until you see our entrance on the right. Our physical address is 453 Molleystown Road, Pine Grove, PA 17963. Our U.S. Postal address is P.O. Box 215, Pine Grove, PA 17963.

  • How much does it cost?

    We require all persons 16 and older, whether a driver or a passenger, to become members of the park. The membership costs $20 and is good through 12/31 of the year you join (those joining in Oct/Dec will be good through 12/31 of the following year). Once you are a member, the daily entrance fee for the vehicle and its driver is $50. Passengers are $10 each with children 15 and younger free. Included in your daily fees is free primitive camping (reservation required). See Membership Application page for the membership application and parental waiver. All children 17 and younger require their parent to sign a parental waiver. We accept Visa, MC, Discover, and cash. For our frequent visitors, we offer some specials. A Frequent Driver Pass for $200, which is good for five visits, or a Season Pass for $450. These passes are seasonal, running through 12/31 of the year you purchase (those purchased in Oct/Dec will be good through 12/31 of the following year).

  • What kind of campground do you have?

    The camping is primitive and included with your admission. Pack in and pack out what you need. We have porta-potty service at the main parking lot. There is room for tow rigs and trailer parking as well as for RVs and pop-ups. We have fire rings and there is plenty of firewood along the trails for our members to use. We have firewood and ice for sale at the office. All camping is by prior arrangement by emailing info@rc4x4.org.

  • I want to visit. Can I just show up anytime? What are your hours?

    We are open year-round with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas and for a brief time during December’s deer rifle season. There are times when members will be required to make a reservation for their visit which is explained more fully below. There may be special events throughout the year, so be sure to visit our FB page to find out about any special events that might affect your visit.

    The park is open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday without the need to make a reservation. If you wish to visit Monday through Thursday, then you must contact info@rc4x4.org to make arrangements for your group’s visit.

    Office hours are: Friday-Saturday 8AM to 6PM (*you can wheel til dusk) (8AM to 5PM in winter) Sunday 8AM to 5PM (*the park closes at 5PM – we reserve the right to refuse admittance after 3PM on Sunday)

    The minimum group size is two vehicles. If you show up alone there is no guarantee you will find a suitable group to go with. Visit our forum to find others to go with or use the Groups app on our homepage. When setting up a ride with your friends and fellow club members, it is advisable for one person in the group to be the official contact person and for the group to decide upon a group name to be used at registration. If everyone exchanges cell phone numbers with each other, then late arrivals can be dealt with in an orderly fashion. The contact person will be the one responsible to leave a cell number with the office and to check-out at the end of the day with one of the officers. Keep in mind if one of the two vehicles breaks down, you cannot continue on alone, you will either have to call it a day or find another group to join.

  • What does making a reservation involve?

    During mid-week when the park is closed we need to know in advance that your group wants to visit the park. Such groups need the required two-vehicle minimum and at least one person should be a member of the park and have knowledge regarding vehicle recovery and repair. To make a mid-week reservation, call Lynn at 570-640-0194 or email info@rc4x4.org.

  • Does our group need a trail guide?

    It is not a requirement, but if your club is visiting for the first time, you may want to have a guide to show you around. However, the trails are well-marked and groups are provided with maps, and we have found that most people are able to navigate themselves quite well on their own. There are 3rd party phone apps such as maprika and maplets which will show your location on the trail map to help guide you. If you wish to have a guide, visit offroad-consulting.com or email offroadinstruction@gmail.com.

  • What are the trails like?

    The trail network consists of existing forest roads and trails that were cut open by hand with the help of several 4wd clubs. The trails are marked with signs and maps are provided. The trails are rated green (easy), blue (intermediate), black (hard), and red (extreme). Several trails have many bypasses so that groups of different levels can run a trail together. If you like mud, check out the West property, several of the green-blue trails are very muddy. When you check your group in, speak to one of the club officers for help in picking trails to run. Our parking/staging area is located on the perimeter of the forest, so you will encounter trails of all levels within moments of your group leaving the parking area.

  • Should I bring food?

    Yes. Food, snacks, beverages and water is advisable since you will be on the trails all day. Also remember to bring any prescription medicine.

  • Are Pets Allowed?

    Yes. Dogs should be kept on a leash. Dogs are allowed at the competitions as long as they are kept under control and the owner cleans up after them.

  • Where can I stay overnight or stock up?

    The nearest gas station is at Exit 104 (Exxon station, Ravine exit). There is a Burger King there and a quick-mart. The nearest full-service campgrounds can be found at Exit 104 (Echo Valley) or at Exit 112 (Camp-A-While). Hotels can be found at Exit 100. For more information, visit our Directions page or Camping/Lodging page.

  • If I have additional questions about your park, who do I contact?

    In the Contact Us section, there is a list of the officers’ names with their email and phone number. Any one of the officers will answer your questions. The best way is to email during the week for prompt response. Or you could visit our Facebook page for more information.

  • Can I Bring My Quad/Bike/SXS?

    Sorry, but our park is limited to trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Quads, bikes, and SXS are allowed at a separate facility called Rausch Creek Trail Riders.