Rausch Creek Off-Road Park Rausch Creek Off-Road Park


Rausch Creek Off Road Park is a membership-based facility. There are no pre-requisites or waiting lists. All drivers and passengers must sign a membership application & liability waiver. Drivers and passengers age 16 and up are required to become members of the park which costs $20 per year. This is a seasonal membership running through 12/31. Those joining in Oct/Dec will receive a membership through 12/31 of the following year. Membership cards are given out when you join.


Children age 15 and younger are free, however, we require a parental waiver. All members under the age of 18 also require a parental waiver.


The daily entrance fee is $50 for the vehicle and driver. Passengers age 16 and up are $10 each day (when a passenger joins the park, the $10 fee is waived that day).

To speed up your registration and sign-in, please download the documents, fill them out, and bring them with you when you visit our facility. You’ll get to go wheelin’ sooner! The form requires the following info from both drivers and passengers: Name, address, phone number, emergency contact info, driver’s license number, vehicle description and license plate. Also, initial (do not check) the four individual waiver paragraphs. We need this information from passengers too.