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Take the basics of off road driving to the next level with the advanced driving class.

This 6 hour instructional class with no classroom time, shows you what you as the driver and your vehicle are  capable of doing. We do recommend that you have either taken the 101 class or have previous off road driving experience before taking on the 201 class. The curriculum covers proper tire placement,  reading various terrain, protecting your vehicle, spotting techniques, basic recovery, using lockers and advanced driving techniques.

This class was built with stock or slightly modified vehicle in mind.

You do not need to bring any gear or equipment to participate in the class.

We take the time to help you get through the obstacles and strive to keep your vehicle safe because trails are never the same and you have to learn to driver to overcome and adapt whatever the environment throws at you.

This class is stock friendly!

Off road driving can be dangerous, learn how to keep you and your vehicle safe!

-Class fee is $175.00 per vehicle (Does not include park fees)
-Rausch Creek Daily entrance fee $40.00 per vehicle
-For each driver and passenger over the age of 15 there is a yearly $15.00 membership fee

For questions or to register please visit