Rausch Creek Off-Road Park Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

Trail System

Rausch Creek Off-Road Park consists of 3,000 acres with over 60 miles of trails for almost every type of four-wheel drive vehicle; from stock to pro rock buggies. Our trail system consists of four different sections – our east, west, south, and northeast properties. All of which vary in types of terrain and obstacles.

Our trail network offers some of the easiest four-wheel drive trails to some of the toughest rock crawling trails in the country. We also have one of the only man-made concrete/all-natural rock crawling courses in the country to test your skills from beginners, to pro competition drivers. For your reference, we recommend that you download our most recent maps. Printed maps are also provided at our office when you sign in before you hit the trail.

There are also 3rd party phone apps, such as Maplets and Maprika, to help get you around the park. We have no affiliation with these apps, but our maps are on them and they show where you are on the trail map as you are driving along.